County Resources and Helpful Links

Montgomery County Maryland Public Schools Locator

Check to see what Montgomery County School District your home feeds.

Montgomery County Property Tax

Look up your property tax bill for homes in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Montgomery County Maryland Parks

Search for Montgomery County Parks and Trails near you, and filter by activity or feature.

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Find the closest Washington DC Metro Area Metro Station or nearest bus stop to the home of your dreams.

Montgomery County Maryland Department of Police

Search for crime in Montgomery County by entering your address in the tool.

Miss Utility – Dig Safely

Miss Utility is your partner when it comes to safe digging! Having a variety of utility services could mean you have lines and pipes running underground – do you know where they are? If you plan on any type of excavation or digging on your property, Miss Utility can help.

District of Columbia Water Service Lines That May Contain Lead

Lead service lines were predominately installed prior to the mid-1950s in the District of Columbia, but there are records of lead service lines being installed as late as 1977. You can use our service line map to see if your property has, or might have, a lead service line.